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This magical buckle free belt is here to change the way you wear jeans, pants and everything in between.

Snap-On Design: Just snap it on once, and forget that you are wearing it! Put the belt on a pair of pants and never have to take it off! 

No Bulge: The belt also seamlessly removes the frustrating “buckle bulge” so many of us can relate to. Can be worn under a fitted top without the bulge.

Non-Abrasive: The open space in the front where the buckle might otherwise be, allows you to easily bend, sit, squat and more without feeling the buckle digging into you, preventing discomfort, abrasion or buckle marks on your stomach.

Comfort: This no buckle stretch belt for men & women allows you to comfortably go about your day in a belt that is so light and freeing you'll forget you're wearing it.

Convenient: You have plenty of access to your button and zipper when you need to visit the bathroom without constantly undoing and refastening the belt every few hours.

Adjustability: Using the sliding metal bar, you can adjust the no buckle belt in seconds. Because of the simplicity involved in adjusting the belt, it makes a great choice for men/women who are growing in size.

For Everyone: Due to this simplicity, it is also ideal for those with dexterity issues; furthermore, the open front makes these buckle free elastic belts is also perfect for older peoplepregnant women.